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Apple Certified Teacher Program

Growing With Canvas (A Self-Paced course for teachers)

Canvas Tutorials

Click here to go through this resource. 

How to Use the Pens and Eraser

Troubleshooting New SMART Boards

To write or draw in digital ink Pick up one of the display’s pens. Use the pen to write...

Writing / Drawing on A Screenshot or Video

Troubleshooting New SMART Boards

If you write or draw over a playing video, the audio will be muted but the video will conti...

Using Screenshots on a SMART Board

Troubleshooting New SMART Boards

Screenshots are saved to the Files Library. Screenshots saved in the Files Library can be exporte...

Screen Share Issues

Troubleshooting New SMART Boards

  In some instances, restarting the Screen Share app and its discovery services resolves issues ...

Unblock / Block a Website Form


Request to Block or Unblock Website                                                              ...

Canvas Fast Track Videos

Canvas Tutorials

Click here for the Canvas Fast Track Videos.

Canvas Coaches by Schools

Canvas Support

(I-SS currently has 23 coaches through the district. These individuals are Canvas Champions, Amba...

Indicator Lights Explained

Troubleshooting Older Smart Boards

Issue Solutions The interactive whiteboard’s indicator light isn’t lit....

Canvas Updates

Canvas Support

Click here to see the most recent updates to canvas, and things that you want to stay in the know...

Canvas Updates

Canvas Tutorials

Click here to see the most recent updates to canvas, and things that you want to stay in the know...

Canvas Beginning and End-of-Course Checklist

Canvas Support

Click here to see the Canvas Begining and End-of-Course Checklist

Canvas and PowerTeacher Pro (Steps to Syncing Gradebook and Importing Assignment Categories)

Canvas Support

Click here to see information on Canvas and PowerTeacher Pro (Steps to Syncing Gradebook and Impo...

How to Take a Screenshot on Mac

Mac How To's

Take a screenshot on your Mac You can capture the entire screen, a window, or just a portion of ...

How to Use Apple TV

Mac How To's

Mirror or extend your Mac display With Apple TV or an AirPlay 2-compatible smart TV, you can mir...

Using the Buttons

Troubleshooting New SMART Boards

The front control panel contains the Power, Input Select, Menu, Freeze, Mute and volume control b...

How to Calibrate Your SMART Board

Troubleshooting Older Smart Boards

Press and hold the two large pen tray buttons at the same time. OR Press the Help button on the...

Teacher Resources

How to Backup Files


Instructional Videos


NCEdCloud Tutorials


Chromebook How To's

Software Installation Instructions

Helpful tips for the arcane software we may still use

Touch Panel or Pens not working on SMART Board

Troubleshooting Older Smart Boards

Your SMART Board interactive whiteboard has a high-power USB 2.0 high-speed peripheral interface ...

ISSVA Troubleshooting

Mobile Devices

Safe Exam Browser

Toshiba Papercut



How to Share Google Calendar


Go to In the My calendars list on the left side of the page, click...

How to Use iPad with Apple TV

iPad How To's

AirPlay video from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch Connect your iOS device to the same Wi...