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Reporting Lost Devices

Reporting Lost Devices
1. Student/Staff Reports loss
2. Create workorder to report device as lost - Class is Device Lost/Stolen/Seized
A. Work order gets updated with last check in information
B. Device gets placed on missing/lost list if needed
C. Work order placed on hold

** No loaner will be provided
3. Bill/Invoice for lost device is generated in 1to1Plus
4. Work order will be updated will invoice number
5. School communicates/collects/creates payment plan for student payment* (admin
6. Collected money goes into school funds account 7.6 with a reference to the invoice
# in the description field.
7. CFO will transfer funds quarterly into repair account - 8.5110.015.422
8. On completion of payment of at least 50%, student issued replacement device. Proof
of payment must be attached to workorder.

If device is returned update original workorder with return information and it will be taken off the
missing/lost list. Laptops will need to reimaged. Ipads will auto update to remove stolen
settings.Reach out to IT department for further instructions on which device to return and any
refund of payments.