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How to Add a Copier to a MacBook

How to Add A Copier to MacBook

  Go to Filewave and Install the driver you need Click on the Apple in ...

Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts


This is a partial list. For a full list, see click here.To navigate windows and tabs in Chrome: ...

Writing / Drawing on A Screenshot or Video

Troubleshooting New SMART Boards

If you write or draw over a playing video, the audio will be muted but the video will conti...

How to Use the Pens and Eraser

Troubleshooting New SMART Boards

To write or draw in digital ink Pick up one of the display’s pens. Use the pen to write...

Using the Buttons

Troubleshooting New SMART Boards

The front control panel contains the Power, Input Select, Menu, Freeze, Mute and volume control b...

Indicator Lights Explained

Troubleshooting Older Smart Boards

Issue Solutions The interactive whiteboard’s indicator light isn’t lit....

How to Calibrate Your SMART Board

Troubleshooting Older Smart Boards

Press and hold the two large pen tray buttons at the same time. OR Press the Help button on the...

Touch Panel or Pens not working on SMART Board

Troubleshooting Older Smart Boards

Your SMART Board interactive whiteboard has a high-power USB 2.0 high-speed peripheral interface ...

How to Share Google Calendar


Go to In the My calendars list on the left side of the page, click...

Unblock / Block a Website Form


Request to Block or Unblock Website                                                              ...

Connect Your Macbook to a Projector

Mac Hardware

Please click here for instructions on how to mirror your Macbook on a projector.

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)


Please click here to see the latest Acceptable Use Policies.

Gmail Account has been Hacked


The Help Desk will attempt to make the initial contact with users whose accounts have been compro...

Transfer Ownership in Google Drive


Transfer file ownership You’re the owner by default for files that you create in Docs, Sheets, a...

Sound is not working on iPad


Check the Mute switch Please check your iPad and make sure that you have not switched on the mut...

How to Install Zoom from Filewave

Mac How To's

      Installing an App From the Filewave Kiosk   Click on the Filewave Kiosk icon (re...

How to Screen Record on Mac

Mac How To's

Step by step instructions can be found by clicking here.

Macbook Resource Page


Here you will find instructions for using Apple Apps and other resources helpful when using you...

How to Submit a Workorder


ALL Technology Requests must come through our work order system so they can be tracked. Please do...

Using Screenshots on a SMART Board

Troubleshooting New SMART Boards

Screenshots are saved to the Files Library. Screenshots saved in the Files Library can be exporte...