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Screen Share Issues


In some instances, restarting the Screen Share app and its discovery services resolves issues with the app.

  1. Tap Settings.

  2. Scroll to Application Settings > Screen Share.

  3. Tap Reset.




General troubleshooting tips

  • On your mobile device, turn Airplane mode on and then off again.

  • Restart your mobile device. Restarting your device can clear the device’s cached network address information. Restarting the device can also reinitialize audio and video encoders that might have stopped working properly.

  • Restart the display. If you’ve restarted your display and still don’t see the display’s name in the list of devices, wait several minutes and then try to connect to the display again.

  • Make sure your device has the latest operating system software. Make sure no system updates are pending for your device. See the device’s documentation for more information.

  • Avoid sharing highly interactive screens such as games or Google Maps.

  • To avoid high latency or lag between the display and device, queue the video on the device before sharing the device’s screen.

AirPlay is not displaying on the mobile device.

The display’s name does not appear in the list of devices

  • Make sure the display and computer are set to the correct date and time.

    See Date & Time for SMART Board 7000 and 7000 Pro series interactive displays.

    See Date & Time for SMART Board 6000 and 6000 Pro series interactive displays.

    See Date & Time for SMART Board MX series interactive displays.

    See Date & Time for SMART Board MX (V2) series interactive displays.

    See your computer’s operating system documentation.

The display’s name appears in the list of available devices but you can’t connect to it.

  • A device is already sharing content with the display. Disconnect the other device and retry.

  • Contact your network administrator. The network may need to be configured to allow Screen Share and other iQ features.

The device can connect to the display but the video quality is poor or the device disconnects frequently.

  • Reduce the source video device resolution to 1920 × 1080 or lower.

  • Make sure .

  • Sharing videos or playing video games with frequent screen updates requires more network bandwidth. Try reducing the video quality to improve performance.

  • Your mobile device may not be optimized for sharing its screen and is limited to lower quality performance. Try connecting with a different mobile device.

  • If you’re using the AirParrot application, make sure AirParrot is up to date.

The video has no audio.

  • Make sure the volume on your Apple device is turned up and the display is not muted.

  • Turn up the volume on the display.

  • Make sure the Ring/Silent switch isn’t set to silent

  • If you’re using the SMART Screen Share app, the audio is only available on your computer.

The screen is not responding to touch or you’re unable to write or draw with the pens.

  • Touch interactions are not supported while using Screen Share.

The Mac computer can’t share its screen.