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Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts

This is a partial list. For a full list, see click here.

To navigate windows and tabs in Chrome:

Action Shortcut
Open a new window +N
Open a new tab +T
Open a new window in Incognito mode (enhanced privacy) +Shift+N
Reopen the last tab you closed (up to 10 of the most recent tabs) +Shift+T
Move to the tab in position (number) +(number) (1-8)
Close current window +Shift+W
Close current tab or popup +W
Go to previous page in browsing history Delete or +[
Go to next page in browsing history Shift+Delete or +]
Open home page in current window +Shift+H

To control text in Chrome:

Action Shortcut
Copy highlighted text +C
Paste text +V
Paste unformatted text +Shift+Option+V
Copy and delete highlighted text +X or Shift+Delete

To control the address bar in Chrome:

Action Shortcut
Perform a search on text in the address bar Enter
Open URL in a new tab +Enter
Highlight the URL in the address bar +L
Navigate drop-down menu Page Up/Page Down

To control the current page in Chrome:

Action Shortcut
Print current page +P
Save current page (to your computer) +S
Reload current page +R
Stop reloading of current page +,
Open Find bar +F
Bookmark current page +D
Save all open pages as bookmarks in a new folder +Shift+D
Toggle full-screen mode +Shift+F
Scroll down the page Space
Go to top of page Home
Go to bottom of page End

Miscellaneous shortcuts:

Action Shortcut
Toggle Bookmarks bar +Shift+B
Open History page +Y
Open Downloads page +Shift+J
Open Clear Browsing Data dialog +Shift+Delete