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Edit & format a spreadsheet in Google Sheets

Edit data in a cell

  1. Open a spreadsheet in Google Sheets.
  2. Click a cell that’s empty, or double-click a cell that isn’t empty.
  3. Start typing.
  4. Optional: To add another line within a cell, press ⌘ + Enter on a Mac or Ctrl + Enter on Windows.
  5. When you’re done, press Enter.

Format one or more cells

  1. Open a spreadsheet in Google Sheets.
  2. Click a cell, then drag your mouse across nearby cells you want to select, or hold  on a Mac or Ctrl on Windows and click another cell.
  3. To format text or numbers in a cell, use the options in the toolbar at the top.

Format your data

Here are some options for formatting your cells or text. You can find these options above the document.

  • Undo Undo
  • Redo Redo
  • Bold Bold
  • Italic Italic
  • Strikethrough Strikethrough
  • Change font or font size
  • Color text Change text color
  • Fill color Change cell fill color
    • Single color
    • Alternating colors
  • Borders Change cell borders
    • Border color Change border color
    • Border style Change border style
  • Merge cells Merge cells
  • Change horizontal text alignment
  • Change vertical text alignment
  • Rotate text in a cell
  • Wrap Wrap text in a cell

To format part of the text or content in a cell, double-click the cell, select what you want to format, then select a formatting option.

Align & resize objects

Move an object anywhere you want or change its size. Lines will appear that show what it lines up with, equal space between objects, and when one object is the same size as another.

Add a theme 

You can apply changes to the format of an entire spreadsheet with themes. 

  1. Open a spreadsheet in Google Sheets
  2. At the top, click Format and then Theme
  3. Choose an available theme or click Customize to create your own. 


  • If you create a custom theme, the most recent version will be saved. 
  • Colors from your current theme are available in the text and fill color pickers. 

Parts of your spreadsheet affected by theme 

  • Text font and color of grid text, charts, and pivot tables
  • Hyperlink color of grid text
  • Chart background color
  • Color of series in charts
  • Pivot table background

Note: If you change the format of an item in your spreadsheet, it will override the theme.