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Reset an Apple TV with Configurator

Resetting Apple TV through Apple Configurator

Apple TV has to be hooked up to a monitor or tv so you can see the Apple TV screen through HDMI, Ethernet, Power, USB-C cable, and you need the remote control. 

In order for this to work you have to allow accessories to connect on your Macbook once this is set you can skip these steps. 

On MacBooks Settings



Find Privacy and Security

Find Allow Accessories to Connect- make sure it is set to Always


Connect USB-C Cable to Macbook and Open Apple Configurator. 


Put Apple TV in DFU Mode:

Apple TV-DFU Mode

Right Click on Apple TV in Apple Configurator and Select Restore


Select Restore

If restore fails through Apple Configurator- use Itunes to restore. 

If it fails restoring through iTunes use Apple Configurator. If it has failed both bring to bench repair. Bring Apple TV and remote.