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How to Powerwash Chromebook

PowerWash Chromebook

Plug up to power- turn on chromebook- Shift+Control+Alt=R

it will ask you if you want to Powerwash-click Powerwash You have to hit Continue to Confirm 

An open network is required. 

When it is finished

Click Get Started (do not activate Chromevox)

Connect to the Open Network should be Deployment

It will go through setup and tell you Enterprise Enrollment is Complete. If it does not go through Enterprise Enrollment the tech will have to login with their gmail credentials.  

Once this is done it will be connected to ISS-Mobile like it should be and students are good to login.

This takes about 5 min to complete from start to finish. 

**If you find one out there that doesn't have let Lisa Cartner know and she will move it in the Chrome OU for student use. There were some and we think we have found them all and fixed them but if one was missed just let her know.