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Updating Firmware on Dell

(Instructions are for Latitude 3310)

  1. Plug in Power Cable, flash drive, and turn on laptop and press F12 repeatedly. 
  2. Use Down Arrow-Under Other Options find BIOS Flash Update - Press Enter

  1.  Click Gray Box at top of screen reen (has 3 dashes or dots)

  1. First Option is FS0

  1. Go to the bottom of the list. Select Latitude_3310_1.22.0.exe and click OK. If doing an different model make sure you have the correct firmware for that model. If you don’t see the exe on FS0 go through FS1, FS2, etc to find it.


  1. There will be a message to please wait. 
  2. There will be a message to ask if you are sure. Press Yes
  3. Laptop will restart
  4. This is the screen you will be looking for to see the progress. 


  1. When finished the laptop will restart and it is done.