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How to attach a photo/document in 1to1 Plus

How to attach photo/document in 1to1 Plus

  1. Make sure you have already taken a photo of the damage and know where to find it on your device. This is to ensure you are attaching the correct photo of damage to the correct student/staff

  2. Search for user by name or UID Number in search bar

  1. Make sure information is correct and click on their name (not the device assigned to them)

  1. Find and Click on +Related Files

  1. Click Choose File. This will open up the box for you to find your photo. Click the photo you want and click OK. 

  1. The file will show and to attach you must click Upload


  1. Once it is uploaded you will see this. 

  1. Click Save (in upper right corner and lower left corner Green Button)