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Image and Set up All in Ones

Image to Windows 11 

Once at Login screen login as Intune

User Flash drive with the following information on it:

  • Meals Plus Config
  • Installer Linq
  • Installer Crystal Reports
  • Favorites

Run Meals Plus Config script. Make sure files copied over- if not copy and paste config files in C: X86 Meals Plus folder

Install Linq- Run copy config script- Make sure it opens if not copy and paste Config file to C: X86 Linq folder

Install Crystal Reports 

Copy and Paste Favorites to C: Public\Desktop

  • Timekeeper
  • Ffavors

Open Meals Plus and login as ISSTECH PW ISS to run any updates that is needed

Open Linq- must have a LINQ username and password to do this. Let all updates run. 


Line Computers do not need LINQ installed

Manager Computers do need LINQ installed and Crystal Reports