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How to create an AVAYA Phone Extension List

How to create an extension list for your school/site in AVAYA

These instructions are for the site admin at each school/site. End users do not have the rights to pull extension lists. 

Sign in to the AVAYA Admin portal using Google:

  1. Once logged in, select users from the menu.

  2. Next, select the filter button and then check the box for your school/site from the dropdown menu. Lastly, click the Download User List button. 

  3. When the popup window appears, you will need to make sure that Currently Filtered is selected, the delivery method should say send as an email, and your email address should be listed correctly in the send email to box. Once you hit send an csv - Excel file will be sent to your email. You can then edit it as needed for your school/site and be able to share with staff. 

    • Please know that this is a phone extension list which is used to reach the user associated with that extension. The new phone system can be accessed on a computer, mobile device, and physical phone all at the same time so this is different from the intercom extension list. 

    • The intercom extension list used to call into a room over the intercom will not be changed with the new phone system. Schools should continue to use their current intercom extensions for this feature.