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Become an Apple Teacher


What is it?

Self-Paced training for learning the Apps (programs) that come with the MacBook and iPad

You can choose which path to take: MacBook or iPad (or you can do both)

Each path includes 8 Badges: 


  • Mac/iPad Basics

  • Pages

  • Numbers

  • Keynote

  • iMovie

  • GarageBand

  • Productivity for Mac/iPad

  • Creativity with Mac/iPad


Getting Started

First - Teacher must have an Apple ID - use the one you use with your teacher iPad (preferably one with your ISS email)


If you have an ISS Apple ID but can’t remember the password:

  • Go here:!&page=signin and click forgot Apple ID or password right below the text box

  • Put in the Apple ID (it should be your entire email address)

  • Then continue and it will give you the option to send you an email to reset your password.


If you already have an Apple ID and you know the password:

You are ready to get started!


Now What?

You will return to the Apple Teacher site and sign in with your Apple ID

  • It may send you a confirmation email


You will see tons resources here for you!

  • Collections - decide whether you want to start with Badges for Mac or iPad - make your selection

    • You will see icons for each of the 8 badges required to become certified.  

    • Click on one of the badge icons - click the word VIEW on the window - and it will lead you to the iBook or the online help

Download the iBook that goes with each app/badge - go through the book - then take the quiz for that particular tool.  You can download the iBook on an iPad AND on the MacBook

The Quiz is linked on the lower half of the page on the website.