How to Image a Windows Device and Add to Intune

How to Image a Windows Device and Add to Intune (Intune is only for Brand New Devices out of Box)

1. After unboxing the device. Take asset tag off of blue tape and attach to device ( all in one and monitor have their own asset)

2. Make sure the asset is assigned in 1to1 Plus to the end user.

3. Plug up flash drive and Turn on All in One

  If you need to add to Intune as a Brand New Only device do Step 4-6. If imaging only skip to Step 7

4.   When you come up to the screen to pick right country or region- Shift + F10 to open a command prompt.

5.           You will need to find the Drive the flash drive is on- most of the time it is -however you may have to do E, F, etc.

a. D: enter

b. This will tell you drive is not found or you can type in the command line

         i.      If it is a Staff device you will type Staff.cmd and enter

            ii.      If it is a student device you will type student.cmd

   iii.      If it is a Lab you will type Lab.cmd

6.           When it is finished the computer will shut down.

7. Press F12 repeatedly until boot screens comes up

8. Select the Flash Drive (you will see 2 Partitions) Pick Partition 1

9. Click Next at Windows Setup Screen

10. Click Install Now

11. Select Windows 11 Education (top of list and should be automatically selected) Next

12. Click checkbox and Next

13.           Click Custom Install Windows

14.           Delete all drives (highlight drive and click delete) once all deleted click Next

15.           Laptop will go through Imaging process

16.           Once AutoPilot is completed you do the setup process steps when ready to give to a User. If it fails you will have to delete the Service Tag in Intune under Devices-Windows. Then start back over at Step 3.


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