How to Add Toshiba Papercut to Macbook


Step 1.  Click the Apple in the top left and open up System Preferences


Step 2.  Click on Printers & Scanners


image-1642018475610.06.21 PM.png


Step 3. Click the Plus in the bottom left


Step 4. Make sure you are on the "Default" option in the top, and then click the search box in the top right and search for "Find"


Step 5.  After searching "Find" you should get a large list.  You will need to choose the school acronym you are at.  For a list of Acronyms, please click here.

Step 6.  Please select the acronym for your school, and then where it says Choose a Driver, please click "Select Software" and then search for Toshiba in the top right.  Choose Toshiba ColorMFP-X7 and click OK. and then click OK again to install the copier.


Step 7.  On the next screen, click OK.


After this has been completed, you can now print to any copier in your school and follow these instructions to retrieve your print job.