How to Setup Staff Email

1. Go to

2. Your email address should be


3. Click Next, and then enter the password provided to you.

4. You should then get the Acceptable Use Agreement that you agree to Google's Terms of Use. Please click I understand. 


5. It will now ask you to set up a new password. This password has to be 10 characters, can't include your name, has to include a capital letter, and a number or a symbol.


6. It will now ask you to enroll in 2-Step Verification.  This HAS to be done in order for us to main compliance with our cybersecurity insurance. Please click Enroll so that you can setup your 2-Step Verification.



7.  It will now ask you to enter your telephone number to either receive a text or a phone call.  A text message is usually easier.


8. It will then send you a text with a code to enter on the computer.  You will not need to enter the G- into the computer, only the code provided. 

After this is complete you should be able to access your email at with your full ISS email and your new password.