Temporary Imaging Bandaid

For a temporary solution to this issue here is what you can do:

Step 1.  Plug the imaged device into the network with an ethernet dongle.
Step 2.  Have the student sign into their profile with their credentials
Step 3.  Choose the Wifi Icon in the top right corner, and choose ISS Wireless.  You may have to do this about 5 times to get the proper popup, but you want to make sure that under Mode (screenshot below) it says join as EAP-TLS, and then under Identity choose the Serial Number (Not Mosyle Corporation Enrollment)  If it does not show the serial number then you will need to restart the computer and try again. Username remains blank.
Step 4.  This should allow them to connect to ISS Wireless under THAT PROFILE ONLY and it will not allow other profiles to sign in, but it will at least be a fix for the students temporarily.  You may get a certificate warning that you just have to click continue on.
Here are some screen recordings of me doing all of these steps, and remember you may have to click ISS Wireless about 14 times for the proper thing to show up.
Test 1 (this one wouldn't show me the right certificate)
Test 2 (This one finally showed me the right certificate and allowed me to join ISS Wireless)