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Build 2022 Standard server with 8GB RAM, 8 CPUs

Created three drives - C: (127GB), E: (250GB), F: (700GB)

C: - Operating System

E: - User Data

F: - Public Relations Data

Copied files from old FPS to new FPS using robocopy command

Backed up DHCP config and copied to new server

Backed up printers and copied to new server

Powered down old server

Renamed new server, set IP address, joined domain, and installed DHCP server and Print Services

Disabled firewalls

Restored DHCP database and printers to new server

Installed new version of PaperCut (Site Server) and restored printers again to pick up missing drivers

Verified DHCP was working

Re-enabled shares on new server

Enabled remote desktop

Azure Backup:  Reinstall MARS agent and configure backups for 9PM every day


Status:  Complete