How to Add a Copier in Windows 11

  1. Launch Company Portal - You can click the Start Button (Blue Windows Icon) or the search icon at the bottom and search for Company Portal

  2. Once Company Portal is launched, click on the Toshiba Universal Printer Driver



  3. After the Toshiba Driver Opens up click Install


  4. After that is finished installing, click the Search Icon at the bottom again and search for Control Panel


  5. Once Control Panel is Open, make sure you are in Category view in the top right and click View Devices and Printers. 


  6. Click Add Printer in the top


  7. On the next screen, you will see a lot of different printers, but you will need to select "The printer that I want isn't listed" on the bottom of the screen.


  8. On the next screen you will need to select Add a printer using an IP address or hostname.


  9. Change the top drop down to TCP/IP Device, Enter the IP Address of the copier in the second blank, Let the bottom blank auto populate.  Leave the check box checked. 


    10.  If it asks you to choose a driver, pick the brand as Toshiba - and the Driver should be Universal Printer 2 and click Next.


  10.  If it asks you if you want to replace current driver, you can either use the current one or replace it.

  11. The final screen is where you can name the copier.