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Sites and Switch Locations - High Schools

Site IDF/MDF/Other Location Notes
Lake Norman MDF Media Center Data closet off of workroom

IDF 282

IDF 303

IDF 439

IDF 464

IDF 500

IDF 600

IDF 700 Mega Unit Custodial closet

IDF 800 Mega Unit Padlocked storage room

IDF Fieldhouse Sports Medicine Office

IDF Cafeteria Manager's Office

IDF Concessions Near Tennis Courts
North Iredell/ASEC MDF A112 EC Classroom

IDF A127

IDF A211 Prep Room

IDF B112

IDF C103


IDF G111

IDF I213

IDF Media Center

IDF PAC Building

IDF JROTC Custodial closet

IDF Fieldhouse

IDF A Building Workroom Downstairs In the ceiling

IDF Ag Classroom

IDF Ag Workshop

Other Barn Storage room

Other B109 Classroom

Other B111 Classroom

Other B113 Classroom

Other B114 Classroom

Other Guard Shack

Other Press Box

Other Cafeteria Manager's Office
South Iredell MDF A108 Off of nurse's office

IDF A100 Custodial office

IDF A206

IDF B108

IDF C103

IDF Fieldhouse

IDF G213

IDF Media Center

IDF Independent Learning Lab Storage Room

IDF World Language Mega Unit Custodial Closet

IDF N114

IDF PAC Building

IDF S300

IDF Student Center Off of Bookkeeper's Office

IDF MCJROTC Mega Custodial Closet

Other Press Box

Other Somewhere in B

Other D4 Lab

Other Guard Shack
Statesville/Crossroads MDF A238

IDF A133

IDF B105

IDF B240

IDF D101

IDF E141

IDF E214

IDF E314

IDF E324

IDF Fieldhouse

IDF Concessions
West Iredell MDF 100? Near Guidance back entrance

IDF D209

IDF D232

IDF E128

IDF Workroom

IDF 129

IDF Fieldhouse

IDF Guidance

IDF Media Center

IDF JROTC Storage Room

IDF Auditorium Sound Booth

IDF Old Ag Building


Other 213

Other 214

Other Fieldhouse Office