How Staff Log in and use Mosyle



Step 1.  Click the Finder icon in the Dock at the bottom of the screen, and open Applications and then click on ManagerThis is for Mosyle Manager.

image-1626202953987.59.03 PM.png  
Step 2.  You will then see a prompt similar to the one below, you will then enter your full ISS Email address and then click sign in. Step 3.  You will now see a screen that has your email address entered.  You will then need to ensure your email address is correct, and then click enter, and then enter your password again.
image-1626203131029.59.13 PM.png image-1626203258624.59.28 PM.png

It will now prompt you for your two factor verification from Gmail.


image-1626203554856.59.45 PM.png

 You will now want to click on Self Service in the top right, and then click on My Apps