How to Send a Fax Through X-Medius

1.) Go to the copier and click "ID Number" and enter your Copier ID # 


2.) After signing in, click the Access Device button on the top left side of the copier screen. 


3.) After getting to the copy screen, hit the home button on the right hand side of the copier.


4.) After getting to the home screen, find the XMediusFAX icon and click it.


5.) Now you are on the faxing screen. Please make sure the sheets that you are wanting to fax are in the tray, and fill out this information here, and then hit the start button (Big Blue Button in bottom right of copier).


6.) After hitting the Blue Start Button, you will then get the option to scan more documents or to send the Fax.



7.) After you send the fax, you will get this message that lets you know that the fax has been successfully sent to the XMedius E-Faxing Service